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We Thrive On Exceeding Expectations That Produce Bigger Results.

We Thrive On Exceeding Expectations 

I clearly remember the day in 7th grade that I decided I was going to be a physical therapist.  It was not a question of if I was going to do it; it was an absolute.  I began preparing and studying to use the talents I was given and haven’t stopped since.  I found my gift and my passion and feel called to share it with the community.  After 26 years as a physical therapist, I am excited to open the doors to CORE BALANCE Physical & Vestibular Therapy. 

At CORE BALANCE Physical & Vestibular Therapy, people receive therapy that exceeds expectations from passionate providers.  We feel physical therapy is not only about treating the injury that brought them through the door but in empowering clients towards living a more active lifestyle.  It is an honor and privilege to assist a client in restoring their ability to live their life to the fullest.  

CORE BALANCE Physical & Vestibular Therapy is a place where people know they matter.  It is a place where the community can come to heal, learn, exercise, stretch, strength, balance and have fun while moving towards their goals.   It is a place where physical therapists can use and grow their talents in a friendly, relaxed environment.   

Our CORE values of kindness and compassion mixed with our expert knowledge and passion will help put the BALANCE back in your life.  

Kind wishes,