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Personal Training and Wellness

Fitness is not about being better than someone else.

It’s about being better than you used to be.


Wellness and Fitness

Our gym is also used as a wellness and fitness center. Clients can use it on an independent basis and do not need to make appointment times. The fitness membership is often used following discharge from physical therapy. It is also open to community members who just want to stay fit. At the start of your membership, education regarding equipment use, safety, and facility rules will be provided. You will be instructed in an exercise routine and this may be updated periodically so your body stays challenged and you can progress towards your fitness goals.

There is no required commitment or initiation fee. You only need to pay the monthly membership fee of $25 per month.

Personal Training

Training sessions are typically 45-60 minutes. They can include exercises, preventative training, stretching, and general soft tissue massage. Exercises can focus on a specific body part or an overall exercise program. Training can be individual or perhaps with an exercise partner. Appointments must be made.

Cost – $80 for 45 minutes; $100 for a full hour