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Why Choose CORE BALANCE Vestibular Therapy?


At CORE BALANCE your therapist is a specialist in vestibular and balance disorders and has had substantial training that exceeds the gold standard of the Vestibular Disorders Association – (Vestibular Rehabilitation: A Competency Based Course by Drs. Susan Herdman and Richard Clendaniel). Our commitment to continuing education and advanced course work in vestibular, head/neck pain management, oculomotor and convergence therapy, and post-concussion training (ImPact) provides deeper insight into your situation and ultimately quicker results. Expert vestibular therapy leads to exceptional results.


The CORE BALANCE office is migraine and vestibular friendly. We do not have any fluorescent lights. We have the capability to dim the LED lights in every room. There are no patterns on walls or carpet. The environment is welcoming and friendly. If we need to be aware of anything else, please do not hesitate to ask. We are sensitive to your needs.


At CORE BALANCE, you have 60 minute initial evaluations and 45-60 minute follow up sessions that are yours exclusively. We do not double book or overlap appointment times so you have focused care and get your questions answered.


CORE BALANCE uses video goggles to accurately evaluate your vestibular disorder and get you on the correct and quickest road to recovery.


CORE BALANCE uses a multi-disciplinary team approach. We work with and refer to physicians, vision specialists, audiologists, behavioral health specialists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and chiropractors within our community and state, and out of state to provide you the finest care.


CORE BALANCE Vestibular Therapists are members of:


CORE BALANCE Vestibular Therapists are the specialists in the management of dizziness, balance, pain, and mobility problems and promise to provide care with a fusion of passion for what we do & compassion to whom we provide it for.